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Doors are an important part of the house and often require proper maintenance for a number of purposes. While the doors are a way to go out and come inside the home, they are also the protection which residents get against unwanted elements or intruders. Quick door repair services makes sure that any adverse factors outside your house do not harm you and you remain safe, quickly repairing an ill functioning door may also save you the cost of replacing it later. Other than the door, a broken or bad door is also capable of creating chaos to other elements inside the house if the conditions are wrong.

What damage can a broken door do?

Moisture or leakages can ruin the wall and other wooden elements of the house. The paints may also get harmed due to outdoor atmosphere and constant moisture can also propagate the growth of molds inside the house. Molds are quite difficult to remove and are capable of causing a number of health problems. Even if your door is not damaged to the point where you can see squirrels and rats making their way in there is still a chance that many micro-organisms and small sized creatures may still have gotten through the cracks and openings.

Energy consumption is also reduced if doors of a house are maintained properly. For lower heating bills people should regularly check and maintain their doors for any leakages. Doors don’t need to be energy efficient necessarily in order to save prices on energy. Any inflow or outflow of air can create undesirable drafting effect in the house making the atmosphere uncomfortable for people inside. Doors with right sizes to fit their frames are the key solution to avoiding such problems and people should get these gaps repaired immediately for getting a better and safe home.

The most important factor to get your doors repaired is the sense of security. Doors with improper locks or faulty latches can easily be opened by intruders causing the risk of theft and other damages. People should get any broken locks repaired quickly for having a safe home. The knobs should be functional properly and a deadbolt is the best option for people to secure their home. Doors which do not fit properly into the frame also create a problem as they can be easily opened by ramming. People should thus take the door maintenance seriously to avoid any break ins or other intruding activities.

Where to get the best door repair facilities in Houston, Texas:

There are a number of companies and organizations which offer door repairing services to people in the Houston, Texas area. While most of these companies are capable of getting your job done, you need to consider a few factors before you choose one. There are a variety of factors such as the urgency of situation, amount and type of door repairing, costs associated with repairs, etc. People should consider the following tips to choose the best door repairing service as per their needs:

Look for the experience of the company. The older and bigger a company is the more they will strive to retain their reputation. Famous door repairing services such as Commercial Door Service which has been serving people of Houston since 1998, Houston Commercial Door Service with an experience of over a decade, ABCO Door Service etc. are few of the renowned names in this industry. These companies have professional experts and handymen dedicated to repair your doors efficiently. Their employees have to go through various checks and training procedures before being recruited and their service records are always under scrutiny for any complaints.

Look for the costs and offers. With the coming of Christmas and New Year ABCO Door has started offering a discount of $25 on door replacement of any kind, similar offers can be found on other companies too and people should choose the best option according to their needs. Many times offers are also offered especially for residential or commercial properties and people can grab these offers quickly.

Look for their reviews and services. Many times people may need an emergency service or sometimes they may require online facility to make the payments whatever may be the case, people should choose the company which offers services as per their needs. People should also check out the reviews given by other people to get a better insight about their actual practices as compared to the promised ones before jumping to any conclusions.  Hopefully, this will narrow your choices when it comes to looking for commercial door repair services.

Commercial Door Services

Home repairs are often expensive and left on the back burner for as long as it is possible. They are important but even the thought of scheduling and organizing this part of home repairs or improvements can be a bit daunting. It is just like any other task requiring a professional look on the process, good planning, good budgeting and a bit of creative touch as well. The Direct Sales Resource, adding to the pressure, is not always what people are looking for because there are too many choices and options and knowing what is the best can be a grueling task nobody actually wants to perform. Saying that, there are some little things everybody can do to make their lives easier and the choices simpler.

What are clients looking for?

Companies specializing in tasks like emergency maintenance, installing and even simply consulting can be a great help. Most popular companies in the Houston area know their business niche well and usually offer great service for good money. They help people not only decide where to buy but also what suits them best.

Quality is one of the most important points clients look for. Sturdy door will stand longer and maintenance is important as well. The ease of maintenance or the company being able to assist with that is important because it allows people push their worries about children and pets aside and relax a little.

A lot of quality lies in the materials used for the door models the company has on offer. The range of options is wide enough to cater to the needs of clients down to the last detail. Most companies offer customization options on their products as well which helps for spaces that do not correspond to the usual nine times five measure.

Budget might seem like an unimportant thing but actually, taking in the economic situation in Houston among other places, clients look at that as well.

It is no secret that the modern customers have the Internet at their fingertips, therefore they are well informed and, on many occasions, they know specifically what to ask for and expect, and where they want it down to the last detail. That means the companies have to deliver. Besides, now it’s not just delivering the product but the service as a whole.

Commercial door manufacturing and supplying is different from private front. Stores and office buildings need front doors and security doors need to be fitted, installed and maintained. The security door installation and maintenance is also important because if it’s done correctly, it does not only safe the businesses a lot of trouble but also a lot of money as this service, unfortunately, isn’t the cheapest and if well done, it lasts longer.

Most Houston companies offer full service with specialists available almost 24/7 and on call almost anytime as well as customer service assistants who will take questions by phone or email, or even post.


Modern companies use social media as well and the best know how to us it to their advantage. Clients take into account the social media and company website almost more than the word of the mouth, since a good website offers information, photos and all the contact derails clients need to contact the company and find out more before the investment is made.

Houston Texas has great companies which, besides selling do commercial door repair, are valued highly because of their attention to detail and great customer service. The staff is well-trained and maintained so that they can deliver the best service, answer questions and enquiries and help the clients with all the little details which need to be sorted out before doors can be installed, changed or repaired.

Building a relationship with customers and offering constantly the best service in town is the way companies work. Besides, they are always ready to solve problematic situations and help with advice even if the client cannot find the right fit straight away. Even though Houston is a big area, the options are not limited and for most clients the sky is the limit, offering flexibility and freedom to find the best fit for their company among everything that is currently on offer in the market.

7 Tips For Choosing A Door Repair Company

Every type of building uses a door as an entry or exit point. Eventually, doors end up getting damaged, worn out, or even need to be upgraded for security purposes hence the need for a good door service repair company. Sometimes it’s easy to just pick up a phone and call the number of the nearest door service/repair company you can find since it seems like a mundane task. But without careful consideration, that hasty decision may leave you feeling very dissatisfied or disappointed with the services you receive. So it is important to take time and think what you would want in a door service repair company. Below are 7 things to look out for when choosing a door repair service in Houston, Texas.

1. Check the Bids of Two to Three Different Companies.

You may be in a hurry to get your door serviced or repaired but are you willing to $500 to $1000 for a $200 repair? Getting multiple bids from different companies is the best way to avoid getting scammed. In most markets, the second bid will reveal which one among the two is trying to rip you off. Most bids are easy to get quickly over the phone or by checking the web pages of the company, however, when a technician arrives at your house or building, let him know that he must get permission from you before exceeding the bid. Don’t be afraid to reject any extra proposed repairs that seem unnecessary.

2. Beware of the Repair Company.

Many unethical door companies intentionally target this type of work because; most customers want a quick job and won’t get any other bids, most customers don’t know the real cost of doors parts, and also because most customers don’t know whether the repair is really necessary or not. When getting a bid from a company whose main focus is repair, get another bid from another company that does door dales and services and has been established for a long time.

3. Check the Company’s Review at

If a door company has a bad rating from the BBB, don’t waste your time and call another company. But take into consideration that some A+ ratings from BBB does not necessarily mean that the company is completely clean. Some organizations which are unethical have learned how to get around BBB complaints and have them resolved very quickly. A company can have hundreds of customers who were dissatisfied with their previous services but never filed a complaint to BBB.

4. Be Vigilant of Generically Answered Phones like “Door Repairs” or Door Services”.

This is a tactic commonly used by slippery companies that operate under a lot of different names that they can’t even answer their own phones honestly. If a company answers its phone strangely, start by asking them, “What company is this?” If they end up balking at this simple and honest question, hang up and call another company.

5. Beware of Excessive Advertising.

Just because a door company is on the top position of Google or it is on the first ad in the yellow pages does not necessarily mean that it is a reputable company. In some cases, excessive advertising is actually an indication of a disreputable company. The business model of rip-off companies is built on excessive advertising that is especially designed to get their technician to your house/building as quickly as possible. A huge expense on advertising is actually one of the main reasons why some companies end up charging high prices for their services.

Look closely at the ads for appeals that seem to excessive. Beware of promises of many discounts and low prices, same day services, phony looking reviews or testimonials, and especially claims which are not verified like “Rated #1” or “5 Stars”. Also watch out for extremely low fees like $30 service fees. There are several financial invoices which have a service fee of $30 yet have a total bill that exceeds $1000 and packed with exorbitant prices, parts, and unnecessary repairs.

6. Beware of the Name Game.

A lot of door companies tend to operate under several names so that they can receive more phone calls and make it hard for their customers to track them down later on. Make sure the name listed on their ads matches the same name on their website. Also check the list of ‘alternate business names’ on the company’s BBB review. If it looks suspicious, call another company.

7. Check the Company’s Address.

Does the company’s website also list its street address? A lot of door companies (though not all) which are looking to rip off its customers tend to operate with; a pick-up truck, heavy advertisement, and a cell phone but no storefront. Sometimes they will even go to the extent of publishing a phony address so as to give the illusion of being an established business. Make sure to look at their address on Google Street View so as to see if it really exists. If not, call another door company.

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